Burton Ranch Lompoc

New Homes for the
Lompoc Valley

Burton Ranch Lompoc

Since 2004, the Burton Ranch partners have been working with the Lompoc Valley community to bring needed homes to the “Wye,” a 150-acre parcel of city land off Highway 1 just north Hancock College’s Lompoc Valley Center. Our proposal to build as many as 476 single family and multi-family homes, along with a three-acre dedicated community park, was both annexed to and approved by the City of Lompoc in 2007. Our Development Agreement with the City was recently extended to 2024.

Single largest chance to bring new homes online in Santa Barbara County since Rice Ranch

450 single and multi-family homes on 150 acres

Three-acre dedicated community park

Eight distinct neighborhoods offering a wide variety of housing options for a range of lifestyles and budgets

Support for local job creation with new, move in homes for a spectrum of occupations

10% affordable housing element – City’s choice of housing units or in-lieu fee

More than $2 million to the City’s Homebuyer Assistance Program to provide down payment loans and closing cost grants

Generate an additional $2 million annually in property tax

The Community

Inspired by early Lompoc craftsman bungalows and ranch style homes, 
the community features eight distinct neighborhoods offering a wide variety of housing options and lifestyles.

Lompoc Valley’s Largest Contiguous
Non-Prime Ag Property for New Homes


Project Annexed to and Approved by the City of Lompoc


Mission Hills CSD Development Agreement with Burton Ranch Expires


City of Lompoc Extends Burton Ranch Development Agreement to 2024


Project Breaks Ground (est.)


1st Home Phase Available

Burton Ranch Homes Support Lompoc
and Regional Economic Development Goals

REACH 2030 Action Plan 

“The lack of housing affordable to the workforce is widely considered one of the biggest drags on our economy, hindering the region’s ability to attract and retain a talented workforce.”

Space Launch Complex Initiative

New homes with modern amenities are critical to attracting workers to help build a thriving Space Enterprise at Vandenberg AFB.

Creates 95-Acre Burton Ranch Chaparral Preserve

As part of the Burton Ranch project, the 95 acre Burton Ranch Chaparral Preserve was created through a conservation agreement with The Land Trust for Santa Barbara County. The Preserve features unique Burton Mesa Chaparral, coastal scrub and oak savannah habitat and is largely surrounded by the Burton Mesa Ecological Reserve which is managed by the California Department of Fish & Wildlife. Popular walking trails connect the Preserve to the state reserve.


Burton Ranch Homes Project Update

Water and Sewer Service Provider Resolution
Will Clear Way to Build Homes

In 2006, when Burton Ranch entered into the now-expired Mission Hills CSD Development Agreement for water and sewer services, the City of Lompoc did not have the water and sewer infrastructure in place to serve Burton Ranch. Today, the City does have that infrastructure and Mission Hills CSD has no economically feasible plan to serve the project. Burton Ranch is working with Mission Hills CSD and the City of Lompoc to resolve the water and sewer service issue as quickly as possible.

Burton Ranch Specific Plan Approved In 2006
Mission Hills CSD Wastewater Services Development Agreement expired 2014
City of Lompoc Development Agreement Extended to 2024
Mission Hills CSD

Infrastructure not in place to serve new homes

No longer economically viable – new infrastructure + fees nearly triple cost per home compared to City

30-year-old open pond treatment system

Blocking building of the approved homes

City of Lompoc

Has existing wastewater service capacity

Most economically feasible service option

Environmentally preferred, modern wastewater treatment facility

Asking judge to allow City to serve homes

City of Lompoc Preferred Provider​

Stay in Touch

We’d like to keep you informed about our progress in bringing new market rate homes for the Lompoc Valley. 

Burton Ranch Lompoc

We’d like to keep you informed about our progress in bringing new market rate homes for the Lompoc Valley.